Test Bank for Teaching Models: Designing Instruction for 21st Century Learners, Clare R. Kilbane, Natalie B. Milman


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ISBN-10: 020560997X
ISBN-13: 9780205609970

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Practical help for transforming time-tested models of teaching with digital tools to to make 21st century learning more efficient, effective, and engaging.

This book is focused on helping educators design effective instruction that successfully addresses the individual and shared learning needs of the diverse population of students in today’s dynamic, fast-paced, technology-driven, global society. In it the authors show when and how to use the unprecendented variety of powerful teaching resources available, and how to coordinate their use to best prepare students for the education and workforce demands in their futures.

The authors emphasize the teacher’s role as an educational designer who approaches instructional planning with intention, uses knowledge of specialized systematic processes to identify and frame instructional challenges related to learners and content, and competently addresses those challenges by skillfully applying a broad repertoire of instructional models, strategies, and technologies.